Sat 21 Feb 2015

WITT worked for Nicole

Nicole Goble may have just joined the marketing team fulltime only recently, but she’s also a great advertisement of how WITT has worked for her.

“It’s more than just a slogan, WITT did work for me,’’ says Nicole as she outlines her story.

She’d been working as a customer Service representative for three years and in 2011 completed the National Certificate in Business Administration and Computing Level 2 and Level 3 at WITT.

“During the holidays I did some voluntary work experience at WITT, which I really enjoyed as well. I then got hired full-time as a customer services rep and when the opportunity came to apply for the marketing assistant position, I jumped at the chance.”

“Being a WITT student, and then an employee, gave me a great understanding of the campus and the needs of WITT students. ‘’

Nicole says she loves being involved with student life and getting out and about. “By the end of the first term I hope to get around to all of the secondary schools and meet everyone.”

“I am WITT’s school liaison officer and 'll be working with Taranaki secondary schools and  their careers advisors. I’ll go and meet with individual schools and do taster days as well as liaise with them over the Star courses. It’s good for the students to come in for a couple of hours and see how it works.’’

Much of Nicole’s work involves liaising with the region’s secondary schools and their students so they are aware of the opportunities WITT has to offer.

But it is also much more than that. “I’m also co-ordinating the events WITT puts on. They include Orientation Day, Open Day, the careers expo and much more.

“I’ve got plenty of ideas I’d love to put in place, but for now I’m just learning everything I need to.’’ To further her career prospects, Nicole is doing a degree in public relations online at the moment.

Brought up mainly in Inglewood, Nicole went to primary and high school there, before finding her ultimate job at WITT.