Wed 22 Nov 2017

WITT scholars to be announced

Three WITT students will be awarded $1000 scholarships in the coming weeks.

The trio is among the first cohort of secondary school students to complete the first EE2E (Engineering Education to Employment) course at WITT, one of six tertiary providers funded to run it.

Almost a dozen students at the diploma paper this week, having completed a three-term course which had them studying once a week at WITT being given access to all the facilities at the Polytech.

WITT has funding for a second-year cohort, which is already attracting candidates and hopes to run the course for a third year in 2019.

EE2E was established as a national response to a shortage of engineers to show potential students how varied and attractive the work can be. It is also attractive financially – graduates with an engineering diploma can enter the industry earning between $40,000 and $50,000 a year.

Under the EE2E programme, Year 13 students on the cusp of attaining a University Entrance qualification are given an opportunity to lock in an engineering paper towards a New Zealand Diploma in Engineering without surrendering the time they still require to gain credits.

Tutor NZDE (Mechanical & Electrical Engineering) at WITT, Yusuf Khan, said he was pleased with the results from the first course and also encouraged by the fact that among the first group was one female, one Māori and two Pasifika students.

He hopes the ratio will grow in 2018.

Three students from the 2017 course plan to study at WITT next year and four have been awarded scholarships to Waikato and Canterbury universities.

Students who want to be part of the EE2E course at WITT in 2018 must apply through their schools. There will also be a variety of tasters offered throughout 2018 to years 10 – 12 students.

WITT offers a New Zealand Diploma in Engineering, recognised internationally through the Dublin Accord, which established a mutual recognition of the qualifications that underpin the granting of Engineering Technician titles. New Zealand is one of eight signatories.