Fri 20 Jul 2018

WITT pair rise to occasion

Two WITT students played key roles in an award-winning team which competed at the recent inaugural Hack Taranaki event.

The event involved companies and organisations presenting problems they were facing or opportunities for the future.  Teams of designers and developers then addressed the issue.

New Plymouth bakers Rosie Sargisson and Jeff Fong, who own Billow Bakery, did not have a suitable application to enable them to trace product batches – a requirement of the Food Act 2014.

The task for the team with WITT members was to prototype a cost-effective solution. The team members were Timberly  Nitz, Morgan Stevens, Katherine Blaney, Patrick Mills and Alex Wishart.

Timberly led in developing the database and Morgan was involved in a more general task and was able to call on her experience in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

The finished application used a browser to interface with a database and was designed to work on tablets and desktops. It was laid out in a way that would enable the use of touchscreens.

The prize was a $50 gift voucher from PBTech.

“Our team members had a variety of different skills - coding, database design, web design, business systems analysis - and the experience of dealing in the various aspects of IT, and collaborating with other people in IT, were some of the best parts of the weekend for me,” Morgan said.


Pictured: Morgan and Timberly (left) pictured with team members Katherine Blaney and Patrick Mills and Billow Bakery’s Rosie Sargisson and Jeff Fong.