Fri 9 Nov 2018

WITT open homes

WITT’s building site will be open to the public on Sunday, November 11 to show off two homes built by students.

The open homes signal the start of the annual sales process for houses built at WITT as part of a joint venture with Taranaki Futures.   

This year, though, there are two homes – the Build a Bach project and a second home built by WITT Level 3 carpentry students.

The two homes on the WITT campus will be open for viewing at 11am on Sunday, November 11.  

To view the agent listing follow here

They are being offered with a price tag of $185,000 and viewers will get an “unplugged” view – the students have still to complete interior work.

Tutor Chris Gibson said with the opening of The Shed – WITT’s new carpentry block – just metres from the two new homes it has been a busy year for carpentry at WITT. It will be equally busy next year as there are plans to put three buildings onto the site.

The homes are both three bedroom units.

The Build a Bach project is in its fifth year. The Taranaki Futures website describes it as a “collaborative project” involving more than 40 Taranaki organisations contributing material, mentoring and support.

Profits from the house sale are invested into the next project.

Kade Smith joins a list of more than 80 Taranaki secondary school students to have spent a year working on a bach.

The Spotswood College 17-year-old explained how, at the start of the year, he asked himself what he was good at.  The answer was hands-on work, using materials such as wood and metal. So when staff from WITT came to his school to talk about Build a Bach, he was immediately interested.

“My Grandpa was a builder – so I thought I could follow in his footsteps.”

Kade will end the year with new skills and a plenty of options – from getting an apprenticeship, looking for part-time work – or enrolling in a course at WITT

In the meantime, he’s delighted with how the bach is looking.

“It feels really cool – it’s something you have helped make and appreciate – I think, wow! I did it.”


Pictured: Kade Smith is proud of the efforts of students in the 2018 Build a Bach project.