Thu 8 Aug 2019

WITT continues to back careers showcase

The Taranaki Careers and Training Expo is an annual, two-day exhibition showcasing the career options available to the Taranaki community. WITT has been a long-standing sponsor of the event, contributing both funding and resources to help bring the Expo to life each year.

Taranaki Careers and Training Expo committee chair Warwick Foy says they rely on grants and sponsors to be able to do the work they do.

“We’re not-for-profit, and we’re all about removing barriers to entry - but this doesn’t come free. We don’t charge for entry, and we also pay for students to be bussed in from all across Taranaki, so we rely on funding from grants and sponsors to make it all happen.”

“I acknowledge on behalf of the committee the long-standing contribution of WITT to making the Careers and Training Expo happen. The sponsorship money helps but it is also the hours spent helping to put the event together,” he says. “We couldn’t do it without WITT.”

Exhibitors at the Expo include tertiary education providers, government departments, careers advisors, industry training organisations, major New Zealand businesses and other employers. WITT will have over twenty booths set up across the two days to showcase what’s on offer, from stand-alone courses to full-time programmes including certificates and degrees.

The Expo is open to the public on Sunday 18th and Monday 19th August, though with 2000-3000 students coming from schools across Taranaki on Monday, the Sunday is a quieter time for people to drop by.

“Sunday is a good opportunity for young people to come with their parents,” Warwick says. “We see some great conversations happening on the Sunday.”

“Parents are a really important part of a young person’s decision-making process when it comes to their career. They have a big impact, but don’t always have all of the most up-to-date information about what’s available out there. They can only really rely on their own experience, so when they get together with experts at the career expo – whether that’s training provider or employer – it can result in some really good progress.”

Warwick says the Careers and Training Expo is for everyone and anyone, and people are often surprised about what they learn when they attend.

“We’re here for people looking to train for the first time or to retrain. Some people might be looking down the track - thinking about the future - and seeing that their current position isn’t going to be around with the rapid changes we’re seeing with technology in workplaces.”

“I find people have a narrow opinion of what opportunities are out there. The Careers and Training Expo is a good opportunity to get a grasp on a whole range of careers, not just the traditional roles.”

Promoted as an event for people of “all ages and all stages”, Warwick says there is support and help available for anyone.

“We follow the career management competencies, a common-sense approach that is part of the New Zealand curriculum. The idea is that you start by learning more about yourself, or developing self-awareness, before going on to find out what’s out there, and finally, deciding and acting. The expo is really for people at any stage of that journey.”

The 2019 Taranaki Careers & Training Expo will take place at the TSB Showplace:

Sunday 18 August, from 10am-3pm

Monday 19 August, from 8.40am-3pm

For more, visit the Taranki Careers & Training Expo website.