Thu 4 Apr 2019

WITT builds revealed

WITT’s building boom will continue in 2019.

Mathew Weel, Trades Programme Manager, says the year will see the completion of two three-bedroom, two-bathroom homes plus two single room units.

Carpentry programmes have drawn renewed interest in the last two years as a race hots up to feed the burgeoning building market all around the country.

WITT has a dozen secondary school students signed up for the Level 2 Trades Academy building programme where they will study both at school and WITT and finish the year prepped to take on a full-time building course.

The Level 3 NZ Certificate in Construction Trade Skills has 24 students who will work on the three-bedroom builds. A further six students are also completing a build started last October. The February build will be started next term and will sit on the footprint left by the completed 2018 building, which will be moved off-site soon, having been sold.

The houses will be sold for $180,000 and can be moved almost anywhere in Taranaki.

“The cost is about $1600 a square metre, where the average house price is close to $2000 -  $2500 a square metre,’ Mathew said. “All buildings are constructed by students who are working alongside our fully qualified construction staff members.”

The courses have four tutors this year – up from one, Chris Gibson, just two years ago. The other tutors are Hamish Cameron, John McConnell and Brendon D’ath.

Mathew said prospective buyers who signalled their plans early could select and personalise features for the homes.

Interested and want to know more? Email Mathew Weel


Pictured: An artistic impression of the 2019 three bedroom unit to be built at WITT.