Tue 3 Oct 2017

WITT adopts iQualify

WITT has adopted digital as an education platform of choice by signing an agreement with the Open Polytechnic.

The polytech has confirmed a move to a blended learning strategy which incorporates iQualify, the Open Polytechnic's social learning platform that provides a “blended digital” interactive approach to learning and assessment. 

WITT Chief Executive Barbara George said the collaboration would enable students to access learning at their convenience, any time and any place, on any device.

WITT was one of the first polytechs to adopt the highly praised and user-friendly iQualify when it was developed two years ago, but its approach to use had previously been piecemeal.

The agreement reached this week makes iQualify a key component in WITT’s delivery of education, not an added extra.

“It can only lead to better outcomes for learners, families and employers.  WITT staff have had opportunities for some time now to see iQualify in action, and they are very excited by the possibilities," she said.

Under the new agreement, a student will log in to iQualify and see their WITT courses, and be taken on a journey where they can watch, listen and read, complete knowledge quizzes and chat with tutors. 

They can complete different styles of assessments including written, multi choice and video uploads - all web based, easy, and on the go if they wish. 

The iQualify Learning Management System was launched in July 2015 and has seen early adopters including WITT help shape the direction of the social platform.

It was developed in-house by Open Polytechnic, the country’s largest distance learning provider, to deliver affordable media rich courses across multiple devices.

Open Polytechnic Chief Technology Officer Shanan Holm, iQualify’s General Manager, was in New Plymouth this week.

The arrangement paves the way for WITT to create and deliver courses using the service.

Shanan Holm said the resources would be a valuable addition for WITT and its broad uses would make it attractive to employers putting their staff through polytech courses.

“This partnership will see WITT use iQualify in a way that is central to the success of learners throughout their region”, he said.

Picture: Barbara George pictured with Shanan Holm and, right, WITT academic director Rod Bentham.