Wed 6 Jun 2018

Tim's story

Tim Poulter is a prime example of a student who saw the benefits of studying Taranaki.

His two years at WITT earned him a degree in business management – and says that has opened industry doors.

Tim, who emigrated from England in 2001 in search of a life-style change, was drawn to New Plymouth and arrived with a background in the oil and gas industry. He went straight to work from school and as a teenager was on the North Sea gas fields.

In Taranaki he found work with Shell-Todd Oil Services and then spent five years at Taupo working at Wairakei for Contact Energy before going international and working overseas for 10 years, including in Singapore and Russia.

When he returned to Taranaki it was to begin studying for a degree, via Bachelor of Applied Management.

Though he was regularly working at a senior level, Tim had no formal degree. WITT was able to help him change that.

The Polytech began offering a Bachelor of Applied management in 2015.

The programme of study begins by developing a broad range of business-related knowledge - with core courses in accounting, economics, communication, commercial law, business heritage, culture and sustainability, marketing, computing, management and applied research. 

Students then build skills and knowledge in their chosen area of specialisation - with options to major in Project Management, Operations and Production Management, Project Management or Human Resources. 

Depending on their preference, students can also complete a double major in the same amount of time as it takes to do a single major.    

Tim studied full time and completed the programme in two years – with majors in Project Management and Operations and Production Management, then used his new qualifications to find work.

Today he is at Worley Parsons, working on brownfield projects for Shell.

“No doubt about it, studying at WITT and getting my degree opened doors for me,” he said.

He says the advantage of the degree is that it is “transferable” – not just limited to work in the oil industry.

Students also spend time in the field, working on a cooperative education or industry project.

When WITT launched the degree in 2015 it attracted a number of former students who had already completed the New Zealand Diploma in Business.

“I enjoyed my two years at WITT,” Tim says. “It made me more confident, I achieved the qualification I wanted, and I was able to find work locally”.

Since 2015 WITT has also offered Bachelor of Applied Management scholarships, worth up to $10,000.

Applications for 2019 will open later in the year and you can learn more about, and the qualification criteria at or email