Fri 14 Jun 2019

Theory to practice

Students on a theory course at WITT have been getting real-life exposure to electrical work thanks to a collaboration at the Polytechnic and Werder Electrical.

A handful of students on a 34-week electrical pre-trade, which will earn them a New Zealand Certificate in Electrical Engineering, Theory Level 3 worked this week on one of two relocatable homes being constructed at WITT.

 All up four buildings are under construction there - two three bedroom homes and two single room sleep-outs.

Mathew Weel, Programme Manager, Trades, said collaboration between electrical and construction departments at WITT has provided an avenue for the students to work with New Plymouth contractor Blair Werder, of Werder Electrical giving the learners some hands on experience.

“It’s an ideal opportunity and Blair is very open to assisting students in their learning,” he said.

When WITT News visited, students Jared Torrington, Finn Shaw and Cris O’Mahony were at work.

 All three said they were pleased to get some practical experience.

“It’s what I wanted to get into,” Jared said.

Finn’s plans are to work in the industrial rather than domestic electrical field “but this will be good for my CV.”

For Cris the opportunity to leave the classroom and help with the initial wiring of a building provided him with a good insight into the work.

Mathew said when the exterior and interior wall are up in the houses, the students will return to complete the electrical fit-off.

All the building on the WITT site will be finished to a high specification and to the NZ building code.

The two sleep-outs, which are small enough not to require building consents, will be started and completed by WITT students with collaboration from the electrical department to complete the electrical aspect of the build, while contractors such as Blair Werder assist with overseeing the larger building constructed by Level 3 carpentry students.

The sleep outs are expected to fetch about $13,000 and the house $185,000.


Pictured: Students Finn Shaw and Cris O’Mahony at work on one of the WITT 3-bedroom home.