Thu 1 Jun 2017

The invaders are here...

The character was at the controls of a spaceships and enjoying some terrestrial activity on a skateboard – then shooting himself with a spray can.

The stencilled alien arrived courtesy of 15-year-old Lenny Binsbergen, a Coastal Taranaki student who spends one day a week at WITT studying Art and Design, taking the bus from his home in Okato.

Students were challenged by tutor Vicki Catlow to produce street art, Maori-Pasifika work, tattoo art or fashion illustration.

Lenny was the only one to go for street art.

“I certainly couldn’t go round school doing this,’’ he noted.

Lenny was inspired by a picture he saw of an alien appearing to jump into leaves.

No prizes for finding his work, but once you have seen three, there is only one left to find.

Vicki Catlow said the students excelled themselves.

“Giving them choices seems to work really well for them. The standard of work from this class is high and it’s a real pleasure to work with a group of such focused engaging young people.’’

She said WITT was supportive of graffiti art and there had been no problems in getting approval for Lenny’s work.