Thu 1 Mar 2018

That takes the cake

WITT has achieved a major milestone – by enrolling its 1000th EFTS, (Equivalent Full Time Student) for 2018.

Most started studying at WITT in New Plymouth and Hawera this week. 

WITT has annual student target numbers to achieve and the 1000 EFTS represents 74 percent of the target number.

Chief Executive Barbara George says the rule of thumb is 70 percent is an ideal target for the first week of the first semester, and she was encouraged that WITT’s recruitment work had pushed enrolments beyond that. 

“1000 EFTS is actually about 2000 students, so we are really thrilled that this large number of full and part-time students have chosen WITT to gain qualifications that will lead them into employment – mostly in the Taranaki region. 

More than a quarter of the enrolled students are Māori – 25.1 percent, compared to 22.2 percent last year.

Barbara George paid tribute to WITT’s four-strong customer service team “who are the face of our Institute”.

It’s thanks to their professionalism, experience and welcoming smiles that the enrolment processes for our learners go smoothly. 

The new semester has started and there is only a handful of students waiting for full enrolment status. In some cases, applications had only been received this week and in others, WITT is awaiting the return of mandatory checks which are required for some courses. 

“Behind the scenes, the greater WITT team has been focused on enrolments and the start of the semester,” Barbara said. “Huge kudos to everyone working together for the benefit of our students, employers and our community.” 


Photo: WITT’s four customer service team members (pictured front) have been credited with pushing this year’s enrolments over the 1000 mark.