Thu 6 Sep 2018

Taste the World

The mercury might have plummeted, but there was no shortage of customers queueing outside WITT’s restaurant Impressions on Wednesday.

Staff and students were lining up to try the food prepared by Craig Ludlow’s Level 5 Cookery students.

The students were handed responsibility for the World Street Food Event. The brief called for them to plan, cost, prepare and sell 80 portions.

They selected dishes relying on their own experiences in the industry and were expected to take their inspiration from research into a specific culture, country or culinary style to ensure the street food was an accurate reflection.

“I think they did a great job as everyone sold out in just under an hour - sadly a few latecomers missed out,” Craig said.

“The weather didn’t come to the party and we had to rethink our layout on the fly which resulted in pretty close quarters, but most everyone seemed happy, and any feedback is seen as an opportunity to learn for the level 5 group.” 

The students, predominantly from India and Nepal, are in the last semester of an 18-month Advanced Diploma in Professional Cookery.

The food fare was one of the projects designed to prepare the students to work in the industry at a middle-rank CDP (chef de partie) and above. 

The WITT council, which held its meeting on the same day, also called in for lunch with the senior staff.

“The food was just fantastic,” Chief Executive Barbara George said.