Wed 29 Apr 2015

TGM Creative offers WITT scholarships

TGM Creative owner Andrea Leadbetter knows better than most that WITT works.

Andrea is the owner-director of New Plymouth-based TGM Creative which has experienced meteoric growth under her astute leadership.  The company has provided effective solutions to a wide range of clients for three decades and the only reason it keeps growing is because it's brilliant at what it does.

Whether it's a simple logo refresh or a complete new brand design, Andrea's award-winning design team, handpicked from all over the world for their expertise and creative edge, are experts in knowing how brands should look and function.

Andrea's always had a good eye for spotting talent and not surprisingly is a great fan of the talented graduates coming out of WITT's Art & Design Department.

"We really like how resourceful the WITT graduates are. For some reason they are far better equipped to integrate straight into a workplace than graduates from other places,'' Andrea says.

To prove her point, Andrea says four of her eight design team members are WITT graduates.

 "In fact we have also just employed a new WITT graduate, Elle Brennan, to help with overflow on smaller jobs. She is working on a casual basis to cover overflow, holidays and sick days, and it looks very promising.''

That feedback was music to the ears of Art & Design department head Geraldine Guy.

"It's really excellent to hear that response from Andrea at TGM. We're very proud of our WITT graduates and what they've achieved, but to get that sort of feedback from an employer is fabulous.''

Geraldine says there is a lot of focus on liaising with industry this year. "We're continually – trying to improve our graduates and tutor Philippa Berry Smith, a former graduate of the course, takes an active role in this.

"As an example, she recently took her print class on site visits to three or four graphic shops so the students got 'behind the scenes' knowledge and a taste for the business.''

Geraldine says there are opportunities for employment and she was thrilled with the department's close relationship with TGM.

That's been taken a step further and I'm very grateful to Andrea for offering us a cadetship with her company.

Andrea explains:  "We are working with the design department on a cadetship in which their students will come here and work on smaller jobs alongside our qualified designers.

"This will give them the opportunity to get onsite training and get paid for the work they do. This is for the types of jobs where a qualified designer is not needed and where the client is happy for this to happen.

"The sooner we can make this happen the better. ''