Tue 19 Sep 2017

TEC chief pays a call

Tertiary Education Commission chief executive Tim Fowler spent time at WITT on Wednesday.

He arrived with the TEC's chief advisor, Maori, Paora Ammunson and was welcomed with a powhiri at Te Piere.

It was Mr Fowler’s first visit to WITT since his appointment in early 2013 and he and Mr Ammunson met the WITT Council and Executive at WITT’s six-weekly Council meeting. 

“This was an excellent opportunity for both TEC and WITT to discuss performance of the tertiary sector, and WITT’s place in that,” WITT chief Barbara George said.

“I was also pleased that our major Wellington stakeholders acknowledged the very good work the WITT team has been doing in addressing sustainability and quality.” 

WITT Council Deputy Chair Lyal French-Wright restated Council’s commitment to ensuring this region has excellent programmes and outcomes for learners.