Thu 21 Feb 2019

Support Guaranteed

A two day workshop for 65 new WITT students earlier this week could change their lives.

The students have arrived at WITT as part of the Youth Guarantee Programme, which provides 16 to 19-year-olds an opportunity to study free.

Gaining qualifications will put the students, many of whom have found the traditional classroom format in school fails them, onto a path for full-time work.

The new WITT intake has Youth Guarantee students studying across the board – from foundation courses to trades, at Levels 2 and 3.

Youth Guarantee team leader Joanah Phillips said the annual workshop introduces the students to their new learning environment and prepares them for study.

The success rate at WITT for taking young people at risk of not progressing into the job market and training them is high. Almost 93% of the 2018 intake is now in work, in training – or back at WITT to extend their learning.

“The current intake is fantastic,” Joanah said. “They all have potential to achieve, even if they don’t see it that way themselves at the moment.”

She works with Adrian “Moose” Ellmoos to support the student through their study and calls it “the best job in the world”.

The workshop provided an opportunity for students to get to know their new campus and their tutors.

“It removes anxiety and means they can hit the ground running.”

“The three most important things to ensure students settle in and thrive in our environment are relationships, relationships and relationships – and that’s what we have sought to establish right from or the start.”

The workshop featured lighter moments – students were challenged to go on a photo shoot and attempt to complete a set recipe of pictures.

“At the end of the workshop students were saying how “cool” their tutors and other staff here were. They have made some new friends and are looking forward to their time at WITT.”


Pictured: Enjoying some light-hearted moments during the workshop were The Salamanders – aka Team Zombified.  From left, Kane Waterson, Connor Kilgour, Lochlan Mcalley, Hugh Tulloch and Mason Fairweather are studying a New Zealand Certificate in Mechanical Engineering Level 3)