Fri 2 Feb 2018

Suite success for new classes

A suite of 65 ultra-fast mini computers has been installed at WITT and is being used by business students.

IT head Tony Harris said the mini pc’s leave more space on the desk because they are bolted to the back of the monitors.

“Performance wise, they are the fastest pc’s in the school with 240gb SSD drives and 8gb of internal memory being pushed by the latest I5 engine,” he said.

Tutor Louise Tester said WITT’S Academic English Summer School was first to benefit from the new computers.

“The screens are larger, clearer and slimmer which means both students and tutors have more desk space for books and papers,” she said.

“The computer processing appears faster, which is great as a tutor when I am running multiple programs and files at the same time.  Teaching Academic English, we rely heavily on the computers, using multiple programs for writing and research.’’

The computers have been set up in classrooms are B101 and B102.

“It is great to see these kinds of upgrades and investments being made. A quality learning environment is very helpful for all,” Louise said.


Picture: Students are getting a more spacious environment and faster computers in 2018, which is good news for Ianeta Laapo (left)  and  Mikayla Parkinson, who will begin work on a Bachelor of Nursing later this month.