Tue 29 Oct 2019

Study help made even easier

For many students who access Te Whare Mātauranga (the Learning Resource Centre) at WITT, a seemingly small change is making a big difference.

A new booking system’s allowing students to book appointments with Learning Support staff from anywhere, and judging by Library Team Leader Bridget Knuckey’s fully-booked calendar, there’s been good uptake by students in the first few weeks.

Bridget said students are able to book an appointment directly with the Learning Centre and Library teams to get help with anything study-related. 

“The new booking system allows students to book anywhere, anytime as long as they have an internet connection, instead of having to come into Te Whare Mātauranga. Students can book both on and off campus, making it easier for them to work around off-site placements and other commitments,” she said.

First year Bachelor of Nursing student Abby Nagra, who came to New Zealand from India in 2013, said the system makes it simpler to access the services she needs to help her with her studies.

“The booking system is much simpler and easier for the students because we can now actually book an appointment while sitting at home.”

Abby said the services available at Te Whare Mātauranga have played an important role in her first year at WITT.

“Because English is my second language, I always get a great help and guidance from Bridget in my essay writing and APA referencing, which I struggled with in my initial days,” she said. “She guided me in such a way for example regarding APA referencing that I’m actually developing good skills and finding it way easier now.

“From the start of my nursing programme, The Learning Resource Centre has been beneficial and helpful in every way related to my studies. Especially during the assessment time, it is really convenient to do research and studies in the Library. The quiet zone is just like a cherry on top which provides students with an atmosphere where anyone can be really focused and concentrated towards studies.”

Bridget echoed Abby’s positive feedback, saying students appreciate having a staffed area that is dedicated to their study and success.

“They know they can seek support for technical issues as well as assignment guidance,” she said.  “Many students have busy lives outside of WITT and appreciate being able to come into a space where they can focus solely on their study – the quiet zone is popular for this reason.

“We say to students at the beginning of the year, it’s not about what you can’t do, it’s about what we can do for you. We are qualified to help, we want to help, and that’s why we work in the Student Support Services team.

“He waka eke noa – we are all in this together, we are there to help students navigate through tricky waters, working to ensure that students can succeed.”

Bridget said that a lot of work was put in to get the system off the ground, acknowledging the work of Librarian Kathy Manning and IT Systems Engineer Ian Wride for their mahi on the project.

To book an appointment or check out the services offered at Te Whare Mātauranga go to: https://libraryhome.witt.ac.nz

Pictured: Nursing student Abby working with Team Leader Bridget on an assignment