Fri 9 Jun 2017

Students get the director's cut

As part of  WITT’s Business and Computing Department’s ‘Worthwhile Wednesday Workshops’ this week,  Malcolm Sutherland from the NZ Institute of Directors, Taranaki branch presented an informative session on governance and directorship in New Zealand, to Business Graduate, Degree and Diploma students.

The session covered the role and responsibilities of directors and trustees, the current challenges facing boards of directors and the role of the NZ Institute of Directors as an association of members committed to developing and growing New Zealand’s bank of qualified, experienced and competent directors and board members.

Malcolm Sutherland said organisation should be strategically accountable by having a forward looking focus. He said they should think about how magnetic they were in terms of attracting and keeping good staff.

He also emphasised the significance of organisational culture, describing it as the ‘intangible, atmospheric environment’ that informed people immediately about the ‘tone’ of the organisation.