Thu 4 Apr 2019

Students' calls heard

From website changes to additional outdoor seating, WITT has moved to show it has listened to student suggestions.

In a document released this week, WITT outlined what it had done in response to three 2018 student surveys which drew almost 1100 responses.

“Feedback shows continued high levels of student satisfaction across all areas, however, students also reported opportunities for improvement,” WITT’s student support services director Zanetta Hinton said.

Response areas were in:


Improvements were made to the current website ahead of a redesign and live web chat was installed alongside a "key information for students" link and more examples of student work.

“The Enrolment Form is being re-developed with an emphasis on making it more user-friendly, quicker to complete and easier to understand,” Zanetta said.  


Campus tours before Orientation were scheduled and orientation was split into separate events across several days 

Programme of Study:

The Course Outline template has been amended to ensure all students receive the same generic information about their programme of study in relation to assessments, assignments and key contacts etc.   

Students also sought access to previous exam papers.

“Giving students access to previous exam papers is a challenge as we need to ensure we retain the integrity of the exam material however I will recommend the institutes Academic Board (which has student representation) discuss this in 2019,” Zanetta said.

Campus facilities

Replacement Wi-Fi hardware has been installed around Campus and coverage and speed has improved.  Six outdoor tables with seating have also been purchased, more air conditioning and window security stays installed, and efforts are being made to ensure students are more aware of available areas they can study in.

“We still have a few small bugs around the software but we are working on them. Overall, students and staff have reported an improvement in WITT’s campus-wide Wi-Fi solution, with throughput speed almost matching cabled network connections,” Zanetta said.

 She said in addition, following survey feedback WITT increased the learning support hours for 2019 and the Student Handbook was rewritten with an emphasis on publicising the support services available and how to access them.