Tue 27 Mar 2018

Students Rate WITT

WITT students have given the Polytech as pass mark in two annual surveys.

Students are invited to take part in a “first impressions” survey from April to May, and then again when their studies for the year near completion from August to September.

The 2017 cohort consistently scores their satisfaction rates at WITT in the mid to high 90 percent range.

They highlighted their happiness with tutors and meeting new people in a new environment, they enjoyed the flexibility WITT offered, industry training opportunities, and overall atmosphere at WITT and the assistance received from the institutes support services.

Zanetta Hinton, director of Student Support Services, said students wanted more from WITT in terms of online access, better coordination of times around assignment deadlines to avoid clashes, improved WiFi at the New Plymouth campus and more help in finding work for graduates.

She said those issues had been discussed and improvements were being put in place.

The surveys provided invaluable feedback, she said and enabled WITT to make improvements each year. Many changes had already been made in response to the feedback.

“Because of the value we place on the feedback, the surveys are of significant importance to both WITT staff and the students.

“Our response to date has been to improve online access to course material by enhancing delivery by June 30, 2018, and we have reviewed the feedback on assignment deadlines. One department has put in place a calendar for each programme where tutors reserve a date for an assignment.”

She said a major upgrade has improved WiFi at WITT – giving better and more reliable access.

WITT has also signed an agreement with iQualify to increase the number of online courses available in 2018.

Before the end of last year, WITT had also run 26 class sessions on CV writing and interview techniques developed an online CV writing course and run workshops where employers talked to students about applications, CV’s, interviews and what they looked for in employees.

The classes and workshops would continue in 2018.

WITT chief executive Barbara George said the surveys were important to WITT because they gave students an opportunity to highlight what they wanted to see improved.

“It is pleasing to know 98 percent of students found their experience at WITT met their expectations. We will concentrate on determining how we could have improved the experience for the other two percent,” she said.

“These are figures which do not usually see the light of day outside of WITT because a 98 percent satisfaction rate is not regarded as new, but I am sure the Taranaki community will be encouraged to know how positive the experience for the overwhelming majority of our students is”

The two surveys mirror the results of a biennial survey released last October which showed overall satisfaction amongst international students studying at WITT was 92%, compared to 89% nationally.