Thu 5 Jul 2018

Student leaders - part one

Sharnie McDermott

Sharnie has plans to work in the mental health field with young people and is studying mental health and well-being at WITT. “I want to be able to see a problem and try my best to get the outcome students are hoping for, not just for this current year's students but students for the future as well,” she says. Wellington-born Sharnie enjoys music and sport and began studying at WITT in 2012. She has returned after taking a year off. Her goals include seeing more social activities for students and she will also be an advocate for ensuring students have a comfortable learning environment.

Stephanie Nicholson     

Stephanie (Steph) hails from Georgia, United States, and returned in February for her second spell at WITT. She is studying a Bachelor of Nursing and intends to complete a Master’s degree in forensic pathology and neuroscience. Her immediate goal is to improve her own well-being and mental health while helping others to achieve the same. She also has some lofty goals and acknowledges dreams are free… “I am also hoping to one day create a treatment/cure for dementia.” Stephanie arrived in Taranaki in 2013 and plans to travel around New Zealand when she completes her degree. She has joined the council to help her peers succeed through advocacy and would like to see students creating connections to each other to better support one another.

Summer Gibbs

Waitara based Summer is studying for a Certificate in Foundation Skills Level 2 and her aim is to become a midwife. She enjoys reading and going to the beach and lists her long-term goal as being able to live off the grid. Summer says she has joined the student council to offer a fresh perspective, and she also thinks it will help build her confidence. She would like to see a bigger fiction section in WITT’s library and see more activities for everyone at WITT – perhaps even the establishment of sports teams or clubs.