Mon 18 Nov 2019

Student accommodation needed - can you help?

WITT’s international student community is growing, with students from India, China, Nepal, Philippines, Vietnam, South America and a handful of other countries now calling Taranaki home. We are looking forward to welcoming more international students than ever before in 2020.

In order for our new students to settle in quickly, we are seeking private rental and homestay accommodation for some of the students we’re expecting - so we’re asking for your help.

Rental property

Do you have a rental property in New Plymouth or surrounding areas, that may be available and suitable for some of our students arriving early next year? While accommodation near central New Plymouth is preferred, we will consider outer suburbs, the coast, Inglewood, etc.

If you or someone you know has a rental property that requires tenants, we’d love to hear about it. We have students seeking both short-term and long-term living arrangements.

Private room rental

Do you have a sleepout, a small flat, or room available that could accommodate one or two students? Rooms with kitchenette or kitchen facilities available are preferred. Renting out your extra space is a great way to boost your income.

If you or someone you know would consider a short-term or long-term boarder for a spare room or sleepout, let us know.


Would your family, or anyone in your network, consider becoming a Homestay host? We are looking for people to host students either short or long term.

Homestay is where a student lives with a host family in their home, offering a caring family living environment which can ease the adjustment of living in a new country with different food, language and customs. Becoming a host family is a rewarding experience that can expand your family’s horizons and connect them to the world and other cultures.

Homestay families are compensated for their role as a host. They are required to provide meals, a private bedroom, study facilities, linen and laundry to the student.


We have a group of nursing students arriving in mid-January who require accommodation for nine weeks. These are mature students who have already completed a degree, and many will have families of their own back in their home country.

We are also seeking short and long-term accommodation for students arriving in New Plymouth for February and March.

Can you help?

If you’re interested - or even just curious - please contact to talk about the accommodation options that you may be able to provide.