Tue 6 Jan 2015

Stand out from other graduates


Having a Graduate Diplomas is a sure way of showing you’re a cut above the rest.

This year, for the first time, WITT is able to offer the opportunity to complete a Graduate Diploma in Project Management, Operations and Production Management or in Human Resource Management.  This qualification is open to those who already have a degree, says Commerce and Computing Department Head Catherine Lo-Giacco. It is also very applicable for people who have been in a management role for a number of years and would like to formalise their qualification in these areas.

“The word ‘diploma’ can be a bit confusing.  We run a lot of diploma programmes at WITT, but this is a graduate diploma.  Normally you would already have a degree or industry experience at a level that would be equivalent.’’

“As an example it may suit someone who holds a degree in science, but has advanced through the ranks and is now working as a project manager. So doing a graduate diploma gives that person a qualification in that area as well.”

Receiving approval and accreditation by NZQA to offer the Graduate Diplomas and  the new Bachelor of Applied Management degree and marks the beginning of a new era at WITT.

That didn’t happen by accident, says Catherine, but rather as the result of consultation with WITT’s students and our partners in the community.

“The Graduate Diploma is a one-year, fulltime programme, or it can be completed over four years part time,” says Catherine.

The course is set to start on February 23.