Tue 7 Feb 2017

Scholars Named

Five business-minded Taranaki students have won Witt Bachelor of Applied Management scholarships.

They will begin study when the first semester begins at the end of the month.

They are Libby Ramsay (who comes from New Plymouth Girls High) Zane Biesiek (New Plymouth Boys High), Michael Phillips (Waitara High) and, from St Mary’s Diocesan in Stratford, McKenzie Richardson and Tristyn Trollope.

The scholarship winners met each other at Witt this morning (February 3) and all spoke of the incentive the funding of up to $10,000 each would give them to make the most of their education opportunities.

Libby Ramsay said knowing she would be able to concentrate on learning rather than working away from Witt to fund her education was reassuring. She is particularly looking forward to the internship experience component of the course.

The students also say they are pleased to have the opportunity to study in Taranaki.

They boast a range of skills and experience – Tristyn enjoyed being in an award winning  Young Enterprise Scheme team, Michael came through the Accelerator Programme, which provides an internship and mentoring for senior secondary students and was initiated by New Plymouth MP Jonathan Young while McKenzie studied in Denmark in 2015.

Zane has already studied accounting and economics and sees a future in accounting

The Level 7 three year course provides students with a broad range of business related knowledge from where they  can build skills and knowledge in specialised areas with options to major in Project Management, Operations and Production Management, Project Management or Human Resources.

Picture: Witt’s scholars, from left, Tristyn Trollope, McKenzie Richardson, Libby Ramsay, Michael Phillips and Zane Biesiek.