Wed 15 Jan 2020

Scholar set up for nursing career

At just 18, Jeremy Johnston’s proven himself to be a driven young person with a solid plan for his future. Jeremy was one of four recipients of WITT’s Year 13 Scholarships awarded in November, a scholarship which covers a year of tuition fees for students starting at WITT in 2020.

Having completed Year 13 at Francis Douglas Memorial College last year, he’s now ready to start his career in healthcare, with an ambition to serve his community as both a registered nurse and ambulance officer with St John. Jeremy’s plan sees him joining other budding first-year student nurses in March to start the three-year Bachelor of Nursing degree.

At school, Jeremy achieved consistently high grades as well as Excellence endorsements in both NCEA Level 1 and 2. He also held the role of Deputy Head Boy of Special Catholic/Lasallian Character at Francis Douglas.

Outside of school, despite busy senior years, Jeremy has always made time to serve his community. He’s been involved with St John ambulance since 2015, holding cadet leadership roles including Central Regional Cadet of the Year for 2019. He’s a perfect candidate for a career in nursing.

“I love working with people and having a positive impact on their lives,” he says.

Jeremy is involved in the St Joseph’s Parish community and says his faith is very important to him.

“My faith has really helped me develop as a person, and I really want to give that back to our Parish youth.”

Following his break from study over summer, Jeremy’s set to continue his commitment to his education and personal development. He hopes to achieve his Bachelor of Nursing at WITT with high grades and go on to earn a placement in the Emergency Department at Taranaki Base Hospital. Jeremy says he’d also like to continue his St John Clinical Pathway.

“My ambition is to keep serving people through my work as a registered nurse and as a St John ambulance officer,” he says.

With his dedication to excellence and compassionate nature, Jeremy will be an asset to Taranaki’s healthcare sector as a future nurse. Jeremy says he feels lucky himself to be able to pursue a career that serves his community.

“For me, being the person who can make a difference in someone’s most vulnerable and often scariest or saddest moments is both a privilege and humbling.”

Pictured: Jeremy recieving his scholarship from WITT nursing tutor Helen Lelean.