Fri 3 Aug 2018

Safety does it

A WITT student on work placement has won a Health, Safety and Environment award.

Shell Taranaki presents four HSE awards each year and all staff qualify.

So it was a tribute to Tamas Fabo’s contribution during his eight-week placement on the Māui Production Station that he was selected as a winner.

Tamas, who came to WITT from Australia, is studying at WITT towards the Certificate in Energy Process Operations.

Shell Taranaki’s Mark Birdsall said the company was impressed by Tamas’s awareness and ability to raise the flag on minor problems before they became bigger issues.

“Throughout his eight weeks at Māui he has shown really good HSE inquisitiveness. He has fresh eyes, and we encourage people who are new on the site to look for issues because they are things the rest of us walk past every day,” he said.

“For example, he has found broken equipment and followed up by alerting either the maintenance or the shift team to ensure the repairs are done.

“To be an HSE champion across the Shell Taranaki sites on and offshore you have to be consistent and Tamas certainly was.”

Tamas has completed his time at Maui and is scheduled to start another eight-week assignment at Methanex soon.

His course tutor Kerry Willis said Tamas was extremely motivated, hard-working and with a strong will to learn.


Pictured: Tamas at a recent planting day at the Māui Production Station.