Thu 3 May 2018

SIM centre revamped

Nursing students will soon be stepping into a life-like hospital ward at WITT.

The Simulation Centre in A block is going through a complete revamp to replicate a modern hospital ward.

Clinical Learning and Simulation Manager Heidi Ashcroft said the centre previously had some dated hospital beds but it was not ideally designed and storage was a significant problem.

The new look centre will have an updated bathroom, storage area, fresh paint and curtains. It will boast half a dozen beds, which have been sourced through Bell Block based Howard Wright, blood pressure machines, a hoist, injection equipment, simulated medication, patient notes and dressing equipment.

 It's expected the new lab will be opened in late May. The revamp will cost about $100,000.

Heidi said the new lab will provide a real-life experience for student nurses right down to mimicking where items are stored.

The improved storage facilities would also help tutors preparing their classes.

Behind the scenes, computers will simulate medical administration.

More than 140 nursing students are studying at WITT this year.

Head of Nursing Brian Smith said WITT had a proud record of success with its nursing students – emphasised in a WITT News story last week which confirmed every year three student had passed their State Final exam and could be registered as nurses.

“It is important that we continue to improve the teaching resources,” he said. “The refurbishment of the Simulation Centre achieves that and will assist tutors as well as our students.

WITT chief executive Barbara George said she appreciated the fact Howard Wright, an internationally renowned maker of medical beds and stretchers, had assisted in the project by supplying beds at a special rate.

“The Simulation Centre will enable WITT to provide an environment which is as close to real life as possible, and that means when our students go out on placement things will look familiar.”



Nursing staff, from left, Helen Lelean, Heidi Ashcroft and Dee-Anna Ritai-Te Awa are looking forward to the opening of the revamped Simulation Lab.