Thu 22 Nov 2018

Rotorangi on canvas

Leila-Maree Bunyan was so taken by her visit to Lake Rotorangi she made it the subject of her work for WITT’s Moiré art exhibit.

“We went for a ride one day to the lake and I could not believe how beautiful it was,” she said. “It was peaceful, untouched and quiet – I felt engulfed.”

Lake Rotorangi was formed in 1987 when the Pātea River was dammed to generate hydroelectricity and as the largest lake in Taranaki is a popular venue for water sports and camping.

Leila-Maree has produced four large abstracts inspired by the colours which greeted her – the red of the pohutukawa, yellow kowhai and blues and green of the water.

She has also completed some miniatures, using different hues, and a zine (a booklet) also inspired by her time at Rotorangi.

Leila-Maree has been at WITT for two years and is completing a Diploma in Creative Technology.

She previously worked as a teacher in Hāwera and then at the Pioneer Village in Stratford.

“I decided to do something I thought I would really love, and art was it,” she said.

“Coming to WITT was the best idea – it is local, the course is just what I wanted and the staff are so helpful. I have encouraged a few people to study art at WITT because the department is so supportive.”

Leila-Maree is one of eight students who will exhibit work – which is for sale – at Moiré. The exhibition in the F Block arts venue at WITT in New Plymouth will run seven days a week from 10 am to 4 pm to December 7. It opens on November 23 at 5.30pm.


Pictured: Leila-Maree shows off the work she is exhibiting at Moiré.