Fri 14 Dec 2018

Putting our best food forward

WITT staff have been filling boxes under the Christmas tree in their Bell Rd campus foyer in recent weeks.

Today the boxes were packed into a WITT van and taken to the New Plymouth Foodbank from where they will be distributed to families in need over the Festive Season.

“We had a great response from staff,” WITT’s marketing manager Natalie Warren said.

At the start of the month, the annual street appeal swelled stocks thanks to the generosity of people in New Plymouth and the work of 200 volunteers.

New Plymouth Foodbank manager Sharon Wills told media the collected food filled St Mary's Peace Memorial Hall and took a team of volunteers eight hours to sort.

She said if the numbers using the foodbank mirrored the 2017 total, it would exceed 5000.

If you want to help the food bank, the items they would appreciate receiving include tinned tomatoes, tinned fish, rice, long life/powdered milk, pasta, pasta sauce, spreads, tinned spaghetti, sugar, milo, biscuits, crackers, muesli bars, instant coffee, baked beans, soup, tinned fruit, toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, soap, dishwashing liquid, washing powder, tampons, sanitary pads and nappies.


Pictured: WITT’s Andrea Johns and Natalie Warren with a selection of donated items.