Thu 12 Dec 2019

Promoting Taranaki to the world

A team of WITT leaders recently returned from a ten day trip to India, travelling across the subcontinent to promote both WITT and the Taranaki region.

WITT Chief Executive John Snook said it was a great opportunity to share what WITT can offer potential students coming from abroad. “We’re marketing Taranaki to the world,” he said.

John was joined on the trip by WITT’s Director of the School of Nursing, Health & Wellness, Dr Ruth Crawford, General Manager of the New Zealand Institute of Highways Technology (NZIHT) Kyle Hall, and International Adviser Paramdip Singh.

One objective of the visit was to meet with Education Agents in Kerala, Mumbai, Chandigarh and New Delhi, as well as institutional visits to showcase WITT's Bachelor of Nursing and NZIHT's Highway Engineering programmes.

“Our relationships with agents are really important,” John said. “These people play a crucial part in the promotion and attraction of international students to New Zealand and to Taranaki.

“At WITT we place a big emphasis on positive student experience, and for most international students this starts with the agent.”

John said being broadcast on a Punjabi television station was a bonus that helped the team get information about WITT and Taranaki into a lot of Indian homes.

“The point of this trip was to show people what’s on offer here in Taranaki,” he said.

“We did that in both one-on-one situations - speaking to students about their interests and goals, and what WITT can offer them - and on a broader scale in front of schools and institutions, and even on TV.”

With WITT’s international student community growing by 34 per cent this year, John said the numbers are good news for the polytech and for the region.

“These students want a New Zealand education that will link them to the New Zealand workforce. While they’re here with us, they’re helping to boost our local economy and will continue to add to the fabric of our society here in Taranaki.

“We have international students here now, and joining us in 2020, that are building skills that will contribute to Tapuae Roa’s Four Futures for Taranakiparticularly in Energy, Food, and the Tourism sector.”

The future of international education at WITT is looking even brighter following the signing of a contract with successful education organisation, IDP Education. IDP are a well-renowned global brand with more than 100 offices in 31 countries and 550 counsellors, and are known for their quality service and high standards.