Thu 14 Jun 2018

Portal unveiled

WITT will be the first polytech in New Zealand to introduce an information app using the Artena Student Management System.

Once they are registered, students will be able to use their device to log in and check on everything from relevant bus timetables to their own grades.

WITT’s information and records manager Jacqui Jones said the portal would be a significant addition to the suite of services offered to students.

“They will be able to view their study contracts, see their results, financial transactions, access resources. Look at student job share links and make enquiries – and also give us feedback.”

The portal, which can be accessed through desktops, mobiles and tablets, will open in the next few weeks.

“It’s a new module and we are the first to run it, so we will be relying on student feedback to ensure it achieves precisely what they want and need from it,” she said.

“We will be running a launch to ensure all students are given information on what the portal will provide and how to access it.”

The landing page offers students an opportunity to update personal information, view their study contract, results, make an enquiry or view resources.

Artena says the portal will enhance the student’s experience by allowing online access to information, whether submitting or receiving.