Fri 5 Jul 2019

Perfect results for Doris

The numbers are stacking up for Doris Ryder, a WITT Cookery student who’s just achieved her second perfect mark for this semester. Doris achieved a score of 100 per cent in both her Food Safety and Patisserie assessments.

Currently studying the New Zealand Certificate in Cookery (Level 4), Doris is familiar with WITT having completed WITT’s Level 3 Bakery programme last year. But her story hasn’t always been about food.

“I studied business in Taiwan and I was a project manager for seven years,” Doris says. “I never cooked anything when I lived in Taiwan. Coming here, going out to eat was so expensive and I missed my home food, so I started to teach myself to cook.”

Doris says she decided to expand her education after a couple of years working as a kitchen hand in New Plymouth. “Working in the kitchen made me want to improve my skills and build my knowledge for cooking, so I decided to enrol at WITT.”

“I’m enjoying learning new skills; the things I didn’t know before. What I like most about what I’m studying right now are the demonstrations our tutor gives. She always gives us lots of details on technique.”

While remaining humble about her recent achievements, Doris admits she’s worked hard to achieve her top marks. 

“I studied hard for my assessments so I’m happy with the results,” she says.

With the help of patisserie tutor Erin, Doris says she felt pretty well prepared for her exams.

“Erin provided practice questions and extra support for all the students.  If there was anything I was unsure about, I was able to talk to Erin for some help.”

While her success in Cookery is set to open many doors for her future, Doris says she’s not yet sure which path she’d like to take. Combining her business expertise with her passion for food and cooking is something she’s considering.

“I don’t know what I want to do yet, but maybe open my own small business. I’d like to make dumplings,” she says. “I’m happy being hands-on and working in the kitchen.”

Whichever path Doris decides to take, her future in the kitchen looks bright. Dressed in crisp chef’s whites and cap, Doris’ smile is a telling sign that her cooking is taking her in the right direction.   

Pictured: Doris Ryder