Thu 12 Feb 2015

Our Chris is simply the best!

WITT students taking the Certificate in Photography course need have no doubt they have one of the country’s top tutors.

That’s easy to say, because tutor Chris Hill has again been confirmed as one of the country’s top photographers.

 Chris has been teaching photography at WITT for 13 years and during that time has collected more than his fair share of gongs with national and even international recognition for his outstanding photography.

And 2015 is no different.

“Last year I had an image in the World Photographic Cup and I‘ve been informed that I have another photo selected this year in the commercial division.’’

Photographers from throughout the country enter the competition for the right to represent New Zealand in the international competition, and only a tiny number are selected. While he doesn’t yet know how he fared, Chris said it was a great honour to be representing the country at that level.

“The photo is one of three New Plymouth Boys’ High School students, wearing their Tiger Jackets, in the school’s Pridham Hall (see above) it’s a stunning portrait featuring the three youthful students in the historic hall. The contrast is unmistakeable.  “I was after that old English sort of school feel, and it worked, I think,’’ Chris says modestly.

Last year Chris was the runner-up in the NZ Commercial photographer of the year, with a superb shot of New Plymouth architect Murali Bhaskar in front of a house he designed.

His most recent success continues a remarkable string of successes Chris has enjoyed in recent years.  He represented New Zealand representative in five of the last six, with wins in 2010 and 2011, and is set to do even better than last year.

The message is clear to anyone thinking of applying for the Certificate in Photography in WITT this year – you can be sure you’re getting the best teacher possible.