Thu 21 Nov 2019

Orientation gets a boost thanks to TSB

Our impact in the Taranaki community is greater if we work together.

That’s the message WITT and TSB are sending with a new agreement involving the Bank’s sponsorship of student events such as the 2020 Orientation.

“TSB’s contribution will help to deliver an impressive welcome event for our new and returning students at Orientation in 2020, as they join us to start on a new chapter in their learning journey,” WITT chief executive John Snook said.

“As organisations, we share similar values. We’re about keeping resources in Taranaki – whether that’s profits or people.

TSB Sponsorship Manager Geoff Hitchcock said it’s great to be getting more involved with WITT’s students and staff.

“We’re proud to support and celebrate education at WITT because of the contribution this organisation makes to our Taranaki community.”

WITT’s orientation week will be held in the first week of the first semester, starting on 2 March 2020.

John said it provides an opportunity to meet other students, tutors and support staff before kicking off the academic year.

“Orientation gives new and returning students a chance to get themselves sorted for the study year ahead and get off to a good start,” he said.

“TSB’s sponsorship will help us to make next year’s orientation event that extra bit special.”