Thu 20 Jul 2017

On a wing and prayer...

Three WITT staff and a former student attended  the  annual three day NZ Chefs Conference  in Dunedin  this month. They were among  89 delegates, ranging from fellow tutors, chefs, suppliers and trainees.

The event began with some  interesting fare consumed on Friday night at the ice breaker evening, hosted at award winning Vault 21 restaurant,  including  paua fritters, whitebait fritters and locusts.  Yes locusts, pictured  is Angela Ferguson Chef and WITT Faculty leader trying the tasty little morsels.  She said they tasted like and had the texture of fried shrimps with the shells left on. Locusts are often referred to as  “land shrimps” .

 The only part that was difficult, and got stuck in her teeth were the wings!  With an opportunity to meet the farmer of these little creatures, WITT Cookery students will be able to experience these later in the year.

Andrew Brooking, hospitality Programme Manager and Alex Dickie, Chef Tutor were with Angela and got to enjoy the Otago Farmers Market, workshops hosted at Otago Polytech, food foraged and cooked by a team of junior chefs from around the country who were sponsored by NZ Chef to attend.

Amongst them was Omkar Kulkarni, a WITT graduate who is now working at Oakura’s new Peking Panda restaurant.  There was Dumpling Demo, Speights Brewery Tour, Dilmah Tea Demo and the finale of the weekend was a Brave Heart themed gala dinner complete with Pipes and Haggis. 

The Staff are extremely grateful to have opportunities like this offered as part of their professional development with WITT.  Watch out there might be bugs on the next Impressions menu!!!!