Tue 6 Sep 2016

Newbies all in a row

There was a strong ‘waka’ theme today when WITT welcomed new staff, some not so new staff, and its new chair and deputy chair.

At Te Piere council member Dr Ruakere Hond spoke about the new arrivals helping to paddle the WITT waka.

Both new deputy council chair Lyal French-Wright and outgoing chair Mary Bourke remarked that it was heartening to hear the call to help speed up the waka, because Dr Hond’s message also made it clear the waka was going in the right direction.

WITT chief Barbara George welcomed new council leaders Robin Brockie and Lyal French-Wright and acknowledged the on-going support WITT would receive from Mary Bourke. She said it was important for WITT that it did not completely lose the skills and knowledge she bought to the institute.

Among those also welcomed today were Adrian Ellmoos, who is working in media studies and has also, taken on the role of Youth Guarantee Support Worker, Chief Information Officer, Techology, Justin Lundon, customer services representative Ra Rubick, former Waitara High headmaster Graeme Hood, who is on a short term contract at WITT, and new part-time academic advisor Chester Young.