Wed 24 Apr 2019

New lease on life for campus

From providing wheel-chair access to making the most of the WITT café, WITT chief executive John Snook is watching a plan to revive the WITT campus being put into place.

To say the Bell St campus provides a design challenge is putting it mildly, because from the moment visitors arrive, it’s all downhill.

A flight of concrete steps descends from the administration block to provide access to A and B Blocks, and from a level playing field which accommodates Te Piere and The Learning Centres, there are more steps down to the carpentry, engineering and motor trades blocks.

Work is well underway putting in a new wheelchair friend pathway to skirt around the road overlooking A-block, where builders are close to completing a revamp of the WITT café.

A series of flower beds and screens which require visitors to zigzag their way between A and B blocks are so to be removed so the area can be opened up as a student-friendly recreation area.

 “There are wonderful indoor and outdoor spaces here – it’s a fantastic facility but many parts are not presented well and gets limited use,” John says.

“We don’t have to break the bank to provide students with an environment which inspires them and makes them want to spend time here, but we do have to make it an absolute priority.”

The changes will align with the Government’s focus on wellbeing, with Hauora/wellbeing identified as the top value and many of the others are subsets of wellbeing.

“We see it as a priority that young people, in particular, who study at WITT to maximise their potential in the job market can do so in an environment which they enjoy, which stimulates and which encourages them to be here.”

The new look café and student computer hub will be officially opened next Monday.