Mon 28 Aug 2017

New Graduate Diploma intake announced

Major businesses in Taranaki support Graduate Diploma programme at WITT and due to demand, there is another intake in October.

Worley Parsons, New Plymouth District Council, Tegel Foods Ltd, MetOcean Solutions, Todd Energy and Howard Wright Ltd have in the past provided students with semester-long internships to help them excel in the Graduate Diplomas which specialise in Project Management, HR, Accounting and Operations and Production Management.

The internship was a valuable component when former WITT student Mariana Horigome, an international student from Brazil, studied for the diploma in 2017.

She was assigned to work for MetOcean Solutions. By the time she spoke at WITT’s graduation ceremony in May she had secured a permanent position there.

Mariana, who arrived with a Bachelor in Oceanography and a Masters in Environmental Science, was attracted to Taranaki by the lifestyle on offer.

So was Laarni Villaluz, who has come from the Philippines to study at WITT after eight years working on cruise ships as a training officer.

She is studying for a Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management, a qualification just a couple of papers removed from the Graduate Diploma in Project Management.

WITT offers Graduate Diplomas in Accounting, Human Resource Management, Operations and Production Management and Project Management.

“I decided Invercargill was too cold, Wellington too windy and Auckland too crowded,’’ she said.

Since commencing her studies at WITT Laarni has taken on student leader and student ambassador roles, joined a tramping club and each Tuesday helps with the community breakfast at St Mary’s cathedral in new Plymouth.

Her internship will be served at WITT, where she is helping with the introduction of ELMO, a “talent management” system which monitors staff recruitment, learning, performance and succession planning.

The year-long WITT graduate diploma offering in Project Management that starts the week of 16 October will be attractive to Taranaki based employees.

It will provide them an opportunity to increase their qualification while remaining at work. WITT will provide the opportunity for the student’s employers to present a project they can manage as part of their course.

Students will learn the theory and practical applications of project management. Their project management expertise will align to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), an internationally recognised standard defined by the Project Management Institute.

The standard enables expertise to be used across a range of contexts, in the business field, such as human resource management, sales and marketing and other disciplines such as engineering.

The course content includes project management, business finance, operations management, advanced project management, resource integration management and an industry project.

WITT Programme Manager Carol Curtin said the requirement for employees to upskill and acquire new and more relevant skills has never been more significant than it is now.

“Re-training shouldn’t be about starting over but rather building on the platform of skills, knowledge and experience that has already been acquired. Graduate Diplomas provide a fast track measure to do just that,’’ she said.

To qualify for entry into a Graduate Diploma it is usual for a candidate to have completed a bachelor degree in a field different to that of the Graduate Diploma or a Level 6 or 7 Diploma with relevant work experience.

WITT is offering the Graduate Diploma in Project Management and the Graduate Diploma in Operations and Production Management in new intakes in October responding to demand. Students will be able to study in a full-time or part-time capacity at the New Plymouth campus and in their workplace.

WITT chief Barbara George is enthusiastic about the opportunity on offer to upskill.

“WITT is holding an information session on Wednesday September 20 at 5pm – come to the WITT reception.  If you are interested in taking the course, or being an employer offering an internship, come and be part of a growing number of Taranaki people gaining valuable and transferrable excellent skills. “

For details about the graduate diploma courses, see here