Thu 2 Apr 2015

Meeting the community's needs


Night classes are up and running at WITT.

A wide variation of courses are on offer and  Michael Campbell, Executive Director  of Teaching and Learning, says they are likely to expand the courses on offer, if the demand is there.

"This is being done in response to demand from the community,'' he says.

"We're running courses at times that our students want them to be run. You can take it that we'll also be running weekend classes, afternoon classes and other classes at all sorts of different times.

"It's all about being there when the students need us to be. We're being responsive to their needs.''

Michael says it's also about meeting employer needs.  "They want their staff to up-skill, but they can't do that during working hours in many cases, so we need to be prepared to respond to their needs as well.

"We've put out a range of classes so we can cater for as many students as possible.''  Michael says WITT is open to suggestions though and if students or prospective students would like to see a particular course offered 'after hours' they should let him know.

WITT chief executive Barbara George explained there was also a bigger context to night classes.

She pointed out that one of WITT's strategic goals was to promote state-of-the-art learning.

"That means that we have to be a flexible, modern educational provider of choice.  That means we need to recognise and cater for every individual.

"If students can't come to class between 9am and 3pm for whatever reason, but still want to upgrade their skills, we have to cater for them. I know WITT's catered for business classes after hours in the past, but this is much more diverse than that.

"It's about providing beauty therapy, business papers and more new programmes coming on line. We think there is still a market for those people.  It's a start-up for WITT which has required quite a bit of investment and we hope to develop it but we know it's going to be some time before we see any contribution to our bottom line.''

Classes started on April 20 and these part-time courses are perfect for people wanting to fit study in with their busy lifestyles.

The courses offer interesting topics which can help you up-skill, train in a new field or even help you get University Entrance.  Courses include: Beauty Therapy, MYOB/Payroll Computerised Accounting, Intermediate Practical Computing, Digital Media, Make-up Artistry, Media Studies, Photography, Digital Media, and University Entrance; including Science 3 and Maths 3.