Fri 23 Jun 2017

Maui Pomare scholars named

Both of this year's Maui Pomare WITT nursing scholars are from Waitara.

Te Aroha Taylor and Lily Maxwell will be honoured tomorrow at Owae Marae, Waitara, on Maui Pomare Day, when the community gathers to honour the work of the legendary health leader and campaigner.

The scholarship will cover the first year course fees for the two students.

For Lily the scholarship is significant because she made a decision to return to Waitara from Christchurch so she could study nursing at WITT.

“And I am Ngati Mutunga, so it is even more significant for me,’’ she said.

Te Aroha said she was honoured as a Maori student to be afforded  the trust that comes with the scholarship under the name of such an esteemed leader in Maori health care.

Her own journey involved a switch from being a health care assistant to nursing thanks to the prompting of tutor Tara Malone.

She thought the requirements of the three year course would be too challenging, but like Lily she is rising to the challenge.

One of the first learnings had been time management, they said.

WITT has a proud record of success with its nursing courses and unveils a series of scholarships at this time of year.

We will keep you posted with news on other scholars.