Fri 19 Oct 2018

Mathew takes trade role

WITT’s new Programme Manager, Trades, didn’t require a second invitation to take on the role.

Mathew Weel heads the electrical, mechanical, automotive and carpentry departments at the polytech and succeeds Kyle Hall, who was recently appointed the new head of WITT-owned NZIHT.

“The role represents a new challenge for me and this is a natural progression that I have been working towards,” he said.

Mathew assumed the role as the key contact person for trades employers looking to upskill their staff or tap into WITT resources.

He has been at WITT for five and a half years as an automotive tutor.

Mathew is keen to see classes in his departments filled with passionate and motivated students and produce high retention and completion rates throughout.

“The method of teaching is a key to that.

“I am proactive in the area of providing modern techniques in teaching and ensuring students are challenged and involved.”

He says succeeding in that area is also reliant on the highly skilled tutors and supporting them to succeed, and that is something he will work to ensure.

If you want to find out more about what WITT has to offer, email Mathew on


Pictured: Mathew Weel wants to continue trade success.