Fri 25 Jan 2019

Masters done... PhD next for Yusuf

WITT tutor Yusuf Khan has completed a Master of Philosophy in Engineering Research from AUT.

Yusuf, who has been an engineering tutor at WITT for five years, completed his masters through the Institute of Biomedical Technology research centre at AUT.

His thesis topic was “To Study the response of normal Human Phantom Aorta from externally imposed oscillation”.

The aorta is the major artery supplying oxygenated blood to the body.

To simulate the condition of the human aorta, a phantom or equivalent human aorta developed from silicone materials is used in experimental setups.

An induced oscillation is applied using a signal wave generator to check the response of aortic tissues in simulated conditions.

Yusuf said the outcome of this thesis was the foundation to further analyse on animal tissues and then to human aortic tissues.

The analysis will lead to the early prediction of weakness of the aortic tissues in humans.

In his research, he developed a mathematical model at different frequencies and amplitudes of sinusoidal waves using Wolfram Mathematica simulation software. He validated his simulation response by using an experimental set of Human phantom Aorta that closely matched the Mathematical model.

Yusuf would like to see a higher level of engineering education in Taranaki with WITT as the focal point for the delivery, and with strong industrial back up for the graduates.

He has two options for further study - to do a PhD in the same or related areas to bring engineering and medical branch together to improve health, or to develop a model for improving Maori student number in Engineering Education.


Yusuf, right, pictured after collecting his Master of Philosophy degree.