Fri 14 Jun 2019

Lecture Series 4

A long-time WITT tutor who has devoted her work to understanding and helping students with reading issues will speak at the next WITT public lecture, Nga Ara Rangahau

Barbara Morris has been a Learning Skills tutor at WITT since 1991 when she set up the Learning Resource Centre.

Before that she served in primary teaching, worked with SPELD, which supports people with specific Learning Difficulties, and for more than four years worked with the Training Opportunities Programmes on improving student literacy and study techniques.

Her on-going research interests have revolved around looking at ways to improve and enhance the student learning experience, especially those experiencing specific learning disabilities such as dyslexia and others who learn differently.

Barbara’s master’s work involved researching in the fields of adult learning and special education with a focus on early identification of learning issues and ways to enhance their opportunities to successfully complete courses.

Her current interest lies in ways of working successfully outside individual tuition with an additional emphasis on improving international student success.

Monday’s 30-minute lecture in the Boardroom on the WITT campus in New Plymouth will start at 12.15pm on Monday.