Thu 18 Apr 2019

Leaders report

WITT can be proud of its Student Leaders say Zanetta Hinton, Director of Student Support Services.

Two -  Stephanie Nicholson and Richard Grange  - went to the New Zealand Union of Students’ Associations (NZUSA) Institutes of Technology/Polytechnics Student Voice Summit, held in Wellington.

They were joined by 28 other students from the country’s 16 polytechnics and together they heard about ways to build a stronger student voice in their institutions and have an input into the new Tertiary Education strategy.

The students also marched to parliament on their second day to present a petition addressing the reinstatement of the post graduate student allowance.

Issues discussed over the two day summit included the Review of Vocational Education, Studylink, loans and allowances, means testing of parents and living on less than the minimum wage.

And while other students were on term break the institute’s 15 student leaders, nominated by fellow students to represent them, were back in the classroom, this time for leadership training.

Listening and connecting, looking at leadership styles, leaders they admire and the type of leader they wish to become were topics on the agenda.

“We have a really engaged and motivated group of student leaders this year which is exciting to see,” Zanetta said.

“The student voice is a valuable contribution to the institute’s activity and quality assurance processes and student leaders are looking forward to working together and getting the student voice out there as well as running some fun events on campus.”


Pictured: Student leaders, Back row, Abi Graham, Summer Gibbs, Caleb Lawrence, Austin Bly, Connor Giblin, Amy Lever, Richard Grange. Front,  Megan Kidd, Stephanie Nicholson, Claudette Hitchcock, Taryn Utiger, Alison Isaac, Reham Abuharbid. The other members are Nathan Lankey-Teohaere and Sheridan Farley.