Wed 30 May 2018

Lapping it up in Kiribati

Students in the Pacific island of Kiribati have benefitted from something NZIHT did not need.

A stock of old laptops was no longer of use to NZIHT because they could not handle new computer programs.

However, for students in Kiribati, the old laptops are just what they need.

Fifteen laptops were in tutor John Hermann’s luggage when he headed for Kiribati a month ago and now students there are using them.

John was NZIHT’s Survey and Set Out tutor on short courses, but decided to spend two years in Kiribati doing volunteer work.

He explained that having the laptops enabled students there to work towards achieving a Certificate in Land Surveying.


Picture: Students, from left, Tunete, Tentao, Bwatiua, Tiraima and Christina with the donated laptops in Kiribati.