Thu 10 Aug 2017

Jasmine has an eye for business

There is a certain irony in the warm and welcoming logo Jasmine Tubby has drawn for the simulated company her business class at WITT operates.

“It gives us a sense of a welcoming vibe, it’s warm and friendly,’’ the 21-year-old, who is working towards a New Zealand Certificate in Business and Technology, Level 4, says.

It’s ironical because the strengths of her logo defy her own personal struggles with socialising.

Jasmine was diagnosed with autism when she was aged three and acknowledges she has trouble meeting people and interacting. “I get shy’’.

Conversely, her organisational skills are extraordinary and her challenge on completing her certificate later this year will be to find a work environment where their value will be best recognised.

Her attention to detail is a hallmark of her work for tutor Kim Valintine, as is her confidence in highlighting issues she has concerns with.

The logo for the Ngamotu Business Hub, the simulated company used by the class, didn’t pass muster with Jasmine, so she set about redesigning it, with impressive results.

“Needless to say we have adopted the logo,’’ Kim Valintine said.

The new look features a sky blue sun rising over Mt Taranaki, the Pouakai Range, the New Plymouth Power Station chimney, Ngamotu and the windwand in New Plymouth.

Jasmine’s father Paul also speaks of her organisational skills, and her prodigious memory.

“It’s the complete opposite to me… for example, we never get lost in the car – she’s a human GPS,” he says.

Jasmine was born in New Plymouth and now lives with her family in Stratford. She spends four days a week studying at WITT, having first enrolled in 2015 after leaving New Plymouth Girls High School.

She has completed Business Administration Levels 2 and 3, and last year completed a Level 3 Certificate in Creative Graphics and a Level 4 course in Digital Media.

While she remains nervous about entering new environments, her success at WITT has given her more confidence

What 2018 holds for her she is not sure, but her aim is to find work where she can use her creative skills.

And there is certainly no shortage of those.