Thu 14 May 2020

Introducing Sam Huggard

We welcome Sam Huggard to WITT’s subsidiary board, an experienced not-for-profit sector leader with twenty years’ service across trade unions, the community sector and students’ associations. He also contributes to vocational education at a national level as a director on the NZIST Council.

Sam is the former National Secretary of the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions 2014–2019, where he led the union movements work on just transitions. He is now a Strategic Researcher with E tū, which represents more than 50,000 workers. Sam also worked at Unitec for five years.

“I bring a recent background in leadership in the trade union movement, but also have had a long involvement in education, both as national students’ association president twenty years ago, and having worked in the sector also,” he said.

His governance experience includes government, not-for-profit, academic and industry advisory bodies.

Sam said he looks forward to drawing on his expertise in just transitions to help ensure WITT supports Taranaki’s regional development priorities.

“Given the critical role vocational education plays in Taranaki’s future, I’m incredibly excited to bring to the table the work I’ve done in trade unions in recent years on the need for a just transition,” he said.

“The essence of a just transition is simple: the costs of the necessary changes that deliver all of us a more stable climate must be spread evenly and not fall heavily and disproportionately on workers, particularly those in carbon-exposed industries. WITT is central to this, as expressed in the Taranaki 2050 Roadmap.”

When he finds time outside of work and family commitments, Sam like to pursue his keen interest in broadcasting.

“When I’m not caring for our children or at paid work or work around the home – I adore radio, and have done loads of volunteering over the years at community and student radio stations in Dunedin and Wellington.”