Thu 5 Mar 2015

Interpretation Panel Tells a Story

It’s always been much more than a bike rack.

It’s one of the most impressive creations that could actually be described as a bike rack and designer and conceptualist Nathan Bryers has always said Te Herenga Waka is more a description than a name.

Now it has a large interpretation panel sitting alongside it. WITT facilities manager Charlotte Dunning says that putting in a panel was always stage two of the project.

“It needed one to explain how the bike rack came about, what the different features are and what they mean.  It talks about the Māori history of the area. It talks about the guardian of the bike rack and who he is, and some of the design elements.”

“We’ve done some more work on that and it was unveiled in early March.’’

 The large panel was largely paid for by WITT, Charlotte says, although Nathan organised some significant sponsorship.

Sadly for Nathan, he wasn’t here to see the final work, because he has left the institute and is now working in Rotorua.

It was Nathan who came up with the initial layout of the panel, which is an impressive addition not only to the bike rack, but to the WITT campus as well.

The attention to detail is huge. “It’s got an impressive motif around the edge of the panel cut out by one of our laser cutters. 

“The big thing Nathan focused on was a series of affirmations, which each arm of the bike rack has. The idea is if you’re parking your bike, and maybe feeling a bit down, you can check out what the affirmation is – and mostly they are famous quotes – and maybe you’ll get inspired a bit for the day.’’

Charlotte says she’s had lots of positive feedback on it, and it’s proving popular with staff and students alike.