Mon 9 Oct 2017

International Students rate WITT

WITT remains one of the most popular New Zealand destinations for international students.

Results of a biennial survey released this week show overall satisfaction amongst international students studying at WITT was 92%, compared to 89% nationally.

The polytech recorded a 91 per cent satisfaction rate in 2015.

The barometer asks students about their learning, living and support, and whether they would recommend their experience to other students who are deciding where to study. 

New Zealand welcomed more than 130,000 international students in 2016 - 60% of them from India and China. Most study in Auckland. WITT's international roll is currently 191 students, but was 125 at the time the survey was conducted – down on two years ago, and seeing growth following promotional visits by senior staff to China and India.

Just over 18,000 international students attend polytechs. The international education industry is New Zealand's fourth largest export business, generating $4.5 billion and providing work for 33,000 people.

WITT International Relationship Manager Carol Allen said she was pleased with the results and acknowledged real value from the survey was achieved by looking at areas where figures did not match those of 2015.

"We scored below the benchmark in some areas. One was our physical library, for example – and many of the students who completed the survey were doing so from WITT's NZIHT campus in Hamilton, where resources differ to those offered at WITT's larger New Plymouth campus.

"What we will do now is look at the responses to identify where we need to concentrate to ensure we maintain our position with international students as one of the country's highest rated learning institutes.''

When the 2015 survey was conducted most students who responded were based in New Plymouth and able to take advantage of all our resources here.

In 2015 WITT hosted 207 international students. That figure was 125 when the 2017 survey was completed. The response rate this year was 58% (72 students) compared to 44% (92 students) in 2015.

The survey was completed by almost 42,000 students studying at 84 learning institutes in 10 countries.

Picture: Carol Allen (right) was in India with a team from WITT talking to potential students last month.