Thu 1 Oct 2020

Industry experience for future engineers

WITT’s civil engineering students enjoyed some industry-based, hands-on learning last week during a visit to WSP Laboratory in New Plymouth. They got the chance to carry out experiments in the laboratory setting, practicing their skills in a real-world environment.

Engineering tutor David Ge said the strong relationships WITT has with local industry gives students the opportunity to learn from businesses and specialists in the region, enriching their learning experience.

“Students are happy to be out in the real world as part of their study,” he said. “They get to use different experimental equipment, apparatus and tools, and to discuss ideas and learn from industry specialists.

“In this field workshop, students got the chance to learn practical operations from sampling, testing, analysing and reporting - covering the whole process ‘from head to toe’.”

Without a geotechnical engineering laboratory on campus, WITT’s School of Engineering, Energy & Infrastructure works with industry partners like WSP Laboratory to ensure learners can practice some of the skills - like testing - that are essential in their programmes.

“This real-world environment and hands-on experience is priceless – something they can’t get purely working in the classroom,” David said.

“At the same time, those in industry also get to see first-hand how they’re providing assistance and support to future engineers.”

WSP visit civil engineering students

Pictured: Some of WITT's civil engineering (first and second year) students on site at WSP Laboratory.